Gifts of Tech Week or Why The Patio Umbrella Doesn’t Matter

Tech and dress week.

It’s enough to make a gal a mite twitchy.  All of the sound cues, all of the lighting cues, all of the costumes, all of the little details we put off deciding on until later suddenly become very, very important.  For professional actors, this is an intense week.  For our street actors, it’s more than that.  Street folks know a lot about stress.  In fact, “stress” is a pretty wimpy word.  Struggles with abuse, addiction, violence, mental health – “stress” doesn’t really describe them.  But little stresses can remind us of bigger hurts.  It’s easy for our folks to feel pressured and triggered as a big show week begins, and to become very focused on small details.

I get like that too, truthfully.  Where will we get a patio umbrella?  Someone’s hair isn’t right!  Why is there a big dark spot on the stage?  These kinds of things preoccupy me, and I forget what we’re doing.

I lose sight of the fact that my gorgeous friend Manda is redefining beauty and – again – finding devastating depth in her character.  I lose sight of the fact that Richard has learned all of his lines without my help, that he is brimming with confidence and experience.  I lose sight of Roberta – Roberta who has struggled in so many ways – changing characters like she is a prism.  I lose sight of the fact that shy people, lonely people, excluded people, forgotten people, despised people, are the stars of the show, the queens and kings of the stage.  This is a treat.  This is a feast.

I have the greatest job in the world.  In tech week, when I’m so stressed, when everything feels like chaos, I still have the greatest job in the world.  I got to spend five minutes with these people.  What more could I ask?


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  1. Manda says:

    I just read this. It was a tough week, but it was a pleasure to see it come together :).

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