TEDx: Reflections on a Day

This post is mostly a shameless plug for the TED talk linked below.

However, I’m a long-winded writer, and I can’t let well enough alone.  So.

My mom got her BA a few days ago.  I’m very proud of her, mature student and such, and it was a delight to watch her graduate.  But much as I’m proud of her, I feel like the world is recognizing something I already knew.  My mom is smart, and she’s been smart for years, with or without an official designation.

I really enjoyed doing the TEDx talk, and I’m very grateful to have been asked.  But looking at it now, that day seems surreal.  I spend all of my other days dressed in what I affectionately call “hag wear”, running lines with people, picking up snacks, making schedules, trying to coax a few extra dollars out of the government, trying to write another scene.

Annie Dillard says that how you spend a day is how you spend a string of days.  A string of days is a life.

Artist-Community Interdependence is very important to me.  But it mostly doesn’t live on a stage.  It’s more of an essence, like peppermint, like cedar, citrus.  It’s something I’m trying to infuse my days with, one by one by one.

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